Lila-Zoé Krauß
*21.04.1994, Alice Springs, lives and works in Berlin.
Languages: german, english (fluently), french (basic knowledge)

2015-2020 BFA HFBK (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg)
Jutta Koether (Painting, installation, performance)
Hanne Loreck (Gender studies, cultural studies)
Hans-Joachim Lenger (Criticial economy)
2019 California Institute of the Arts (Los Angeles)
with: John Tejada (Music production)

2021 Music and performance in Die Physiker at Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf
(Robert Gerloff)

Selected exhibitons, performances, concerts and collaborations:

2021 RI0: [Freedom/Fiction] audiovisual live performance at WePresent, Lichthof Theater
2021 RI01 presented at Parpiripar Festival radio edition
2021 RI04: Inge, raise us from the dead! short film premeire at Brechtfestival Augsburg
2021 Music score for Medeamterial, Staatstheater Augsburg
(Kuttner & Kühnel)

2020 Chaos Computer Club
2020 Rhythm Imprints: monthly show on Cashmere Radio Berlin
2020 Rhythm Imprint 01: Detritus of a Memory, sound installation, HFBK Grad Show
2020 [Freedom/Fiction] debut album release show, Ramona Records, Hamburg
2020 Unsound Methods 1: Deadly Vibrations, solo exhibition, Galerie Oel-Früh, Hamburg

2019 Guest performance with Chicks on Speed, HKW Berlin
2019 Further Festival, Übel&Gefährlich
2019 Feel Festival, Germany
2019 There Is No Space, transdisciplinary program, ZOLLO, PARKS, Hamburg
2019 Montez-Press-Radio, concert, New York City
2019 LA Art Book Fair, concert, Los Angeles
2019 In The Last Resort, collaboration, NAVEL, Los Angeles
2019 California Institute of the Arts, Art-School-Alliance Program

2018 HALLO-Festspiele, Hamburg
2018 International Sommerfestival Kampnagel, Hamburg
2018 Live Art Festival Kampnagel, Hamburg
2018 Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg
2018 International LSD Convention, Basel

Grants and fundings:
2020 Grant by Musikfonds
(State Minister for Cultural and Media Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany)
2019 Art-School-Alliance grant, funded by DAAD and the HFBK grant
2018 Album funding by the Ministry for Culture and Media Hamburg
2017 Promotion by the Freundeskreis of HFBK

2021 RI04: Inge, raise us from the dead! short film premiere at Brechtfestival 2021
2020 [Freedom/Fiction] REMIXES, 12″ Vinyl, Edition of 300
2020 Deadly Vibrations, Dubplate
2020 [Freedom/Fiction] Debut album, 12″ Vinyl, Edition of 300
2017 Young Boys/Too late for the End, 7″ Vinyl, Edition of 300

2017 There Is No Time, Poolhaus, group show, Hamburg
2017 Ferdinand Försch & Friends, HALLO-Festspiele, Hamburg
2017 Young Boys/Too Late For The End, release
2017 There Is No Time: 48-hour livestream intervention, G20-summit, Hamburg
2017 Re/volving Door, installation/performance, Kraftwerk Bille residency, Hamburg
2017 Focal Point Within A Small Garden, group show, Goldsmiths, London
2017 51R3N3N, Thalia-Theater Gaußstraße, Hamburg
2017 Golden Pudel Club, concert, Hamburg

2016 HALLO-Festspiele, Hamburg
2016 Wir Irgendwo Dahinten, group show, Elektrohaus, Hamburg
2015 FETUS, performance, Lichthoftheater, Hamburg
2014 FETUS, performance, Kaltstart Festival, Hamburg
2013 -2014 Artist assistant for Peter Märker, Hamburg