RI04: Inge, raise us from the dead!
is a 20 min short film commissioned by Brechtfestival 2021
Written, directed, edited and music by L Twills
Cinematography by Julia Tielke

Official Selection Vienna Arts and Poetry Film Festival 2021
Honorable Mention by Screener Short Film 2021
Premiered at Brechtfestival 2021

The poems of Inge Müller accurately describe the traumatic reality of a post-war society that was confronted with a loss of god as a moral instance and a loss of self. After having been buried by debris for three days in 1945, the motif of burial ran through her life until she eventually committed suicide in 1966. Combining surrealist aesthetics and realism, the film stars a middle-aged woman who seems to be a surviving version of Inge Müller. A recurring dream, in which she is buried by debris, connects the performer’s life to Inge Müller’s afterlife. Between interview excerpts and sequences that refer back to Brecht’s instructive plays, the film uses Inge Müller’s poems as a timeless science fiction technology to question the present.
„I can‘t stand without a floor. Only sing. Up somewhere at the bottom. Who is the hunter, who is the prey? Where is one, one so. Who makes alive what is too dead. And wants to live
differently???“ (Inge Müller)