Kraftwerk Bille, Hamburg, 2017

Flesh Re/volving in four Chapters is a sound installation that was developed and premiered in 2017 at Kraftwerk Bille during a two-month residency. The central element of the work is an abstract revolving door. At once stage and sculpture, the revolving door symbolizes an idiosyncratic non-place. For between passing through and lingering, a seemingly timeless space emerges, whose being free of purpose and meaning opens up possibilities for questioning one’s own freedom of choice. Whoever enters becomes a performer in the decision-making carousel. However, passing through this door does not lead to a metaphysical backworld or a paradisiacal afterlife. Instead, this door opens into the inside, that is, it simply leads back into existing reality. After voluntary exit through one of the four possible exits, a security sensor starts one of four soundtracks. Combining music, poetry, storytelling and theatricality, the four chapters reflect on the relationship between phantasm and desire.

Sculpture: wood, steel