Unsound Methods 01: Deadly Vibrations
Solo exhibition 2020

Four subwoofers and two loudspeakers are at the center of the installation. Against the backdrop of acoustic warfare and its weapons, Unsound Methods 01 explores the psychoacoustic effects of strong sonic impact. To make the broad spectrum of rhythmic vibrations physically tangible, the gallery space – and with it the structure of the building – was made to vibrate as a large sound body. The PA, now an extension of the instrument, was thus a significant component of the composition. In the process of sonic experimentation, a 30-minute sequence was recorded and installed as a loop. In addition, a dubplate entitled Vibration Artefact was created. Accompanying a collection of texts opened different perspectives on the topic Unsound (un-Klang)*.


Unsound is a term borrowed from the research unit AUDINT, that they use to describe the field of peripheral sonic perception. ‘The term refers not only to what humans can not hear, but also to non-cognitive, inhuman phenomena connected to the unknown, including the hum, hyperrhythmia, and auditory hallucinations’ (Unsound:Undead).