RI01: Detritus of a Memory

Consisting of two acts and a concert performance, RI01: Detritus of a Memory is an auditory theater piece for 20 speakers. In RI01, different modes of sonic storytelling are organized in a collage-like theatrical way with words, sound, samples, vocals and choir. Dramatized statements and texts from neuroscience, philosophy, historiography, cultural studies and advertising open up perspectives on the relationship between memory and music. In this way, the sound itself becomes the performer and the audience the listener. Music and musical performance have always been linked to and controlled by politics and power interests. In this sense, musical performances can be understood as architectures of political articulations and gestures that influence dynamics of listening and taking space. Understanding musical performance as a powerful set of instruments, RI01 reflects the disruptive potential of musical practices and sound-architectural configurations.


HFBK GRAD SHOW 2020, 20 channel sound installation
Papiripar Festival 2021, commissioned and broadcasted as radio piece
Wepresent April 2021, video performance