RI01: Detritus of a Memory

We’re nothing but memory – RI01 sees the body as a storage system and seeks to understand how sonic practices can be deployed to inscribe memory into the body. Claiming that the body has turned into a schizophrenic cyborg-ruin that is in constant danger of loosing its “memory storage”, RI01 asks: How does the body store memory? How can music or sound trigger memories? If vibrations as sound or music make our organs not only vibrate, but also trigger proprioceptive feedback loops that aff ect our whole sensory system, aren’t they a powerful tool to activate but also control the body? If collective memory prevents forgetting, isn’t remembrance a fundamental condition for societies, all the more now that collective memory practices are predominantly taken over by external storage media? Using the aural space as a stage, voices from scientists, musicology, literature, memory studies, sound studies and advertisement are weaved into a theater dialogue mash up that reflects upon music as the ultimate memory machine to explore the remains of the ruined body.


HFBK GRAD SHOW 2020, 20 channel sound installation
Papiripar Festival 2021, commissioned and broadcasted as radio piece
Wepresent April 2021, video performance